Tanzania’s nine-year old the toast of taekwon-do seminar in Kampala

Wednesday January 06 2021
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Master Niklas Enander from International Taekwon-do Federation (ITF)presents nine-year old Navraj Singh Mair with a certificate after the grading seminar

By The Citizen Reporter

Kampala. A team of Tanzanian taekwon-do members has returned after they represented the country at the black belt and grading seminar which was conducted by Master Niklas Enander from International Taekwon-do Federation.

The seminar which began on December 28 and lasted up to January 3 was held in the Ugandan capital, Kampala.

Among those who attended from Tanzania was the youngest red belt holder, 9-year-old Navraj Singh Mair who participated in drills alongside black belt holders from across East African countries.

Many of his peers praised his ability to master the details of the sport at such a tender age and some actually confessed that at nine years they could barely do what he is doing

He has since been graded as Red International belt after showcasing his skills in Taekwon-do and is keen on working his way to his black belt.

The youngster travelled to Kampala alongside his coach Moses Mwanyilu, Said Kennedy (Tanzania and East African Taekwon-do president) Jaiveer  Singh Mair (green belt) and Davinder Singh Mair.

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Tanzania's representatives at the Kampala Black belt grading seminar conducted by the International Tarkwon-do Federation (ITF)

 "He has a great potential, he just has to work little on his stances,” advised  master Niklas Enander from the ITF .

Nvraj who turned nine in November 2020 has dedicated his free time towards the sport and he thanks  his parents, grandparents, coach and his country to make him what he is today.

The group returned to Tanzania safely after the grading seminar