Tanzania swimmers shine in Africa Zone Three Aquatic event

Tanzania national swimming team members pose with trophies and medals after shining in the Africa Zone 3 Aquatic event. PHOTO | COURTESY

What you need to know:

  • Tanzania garnered 2,753 points behind Uganda who won the top position with 3,206 points in the event that featured eight countries.

Dar es Salaam. The Tanzania Swimming Association (TSA) has expressed heartfelt commendation for the national swimming team's outstanding performance at the recently 8th Africa Aquatics Zone Three Swimming Championships held at Club House La Palisse Arena in Kigali, Rwanda.

Tanzania garnered 2,753 points behind Uganda who won the top position with 3,206 points in the event that featured eight countries.

Tanzanian boys collected 1,462.50 points and girls scored 1,244.50 points in a thrilling event in which Kenya were placed third with a total of 1,843.50 points.

TSA secretary general Inviolata Itatiro said the swimmers had showcased exceptional skills and determination, securing a commendable second-place finish in the competition.

Itatiro conveyed her pride in the swimmers' accomplishments, emphasizing the significance of their achievements for the entire nation.

She lauded their dedication to the sport and their commitment to represent Tanzania on the international stage.

"Our national swimming team have made our country immensely proud with their remarkable performance at the Africa Aquatics Zone Three Swimming Championships.

“Their achievements reflect not only their individual talents but also the hard work and perseverance instilled by our coaches and the unwavering support of the swimming community (parents) and TSA,”said Itatiro.

She said Tanzania's second-place finish underscored the growth and competitiveness of the country's swimming program.

Itatiro encouraged continued support for the swimmers and affirmed TSA's commitment to nurture and develop swimming talent in Tanzania.

She said as the swimming community celebrates this success, TSA looks forward to further advancements and continued excellence in the sport, building on the momentum generated by the national team's stellar performance in Kigali.

Apart from Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya, the event also featured the host country Rwanda who were placed fourth with 1,348 points, Burundi (5th, 1,291 points), South Africa (6th, 622 points), Eswatini (7th, 162 points), Eritrea (8th, 109 points), Djibouti (9th, 95.50 points) and Ethiopia were placed 10th with 61 points.

The event also saw various Tanzania swimmers winning trophies in the event including Collins Saliboko who won a trophy after emerging at the top for swimmers aged 17 and above, Aryan Bhattbhatt topped for swimmers aged between 15 and 16 and Max Missokia won a trophy for swimmers aged between 11 and 12.

Also, on the list are Romeo Mwaipasi who finished second overall for swimmers aged 15 and 16 and Austin Okore, who was second placed overall for swimmers aged 13 and 14.

In girls, Filbertha Demello won a trophy for swimmers aged 13 and 14, Crissa Dillip was placed second in the same age category and Muskan Gaikwad was placed third for swimmers aged above 17.

The country’s victory was also contributed by the outstanding performances of other swimmers namely Natalia Ladha who won three silver medals, Julius Missokia who won two bronze, Juanita Viljoen (bronze), Amylia Chali (two silver and two bronze) and Michael Joseph who won silver and bronze respectively.

Also, Nicolene Viljoen won two silver and two bronze, Bridget Heep (silver and two bronze), Delbert Ipilinga (Two silver) and Zainab Mosajee who won silver and three bronze.

In relays, Tanzania’s team comprised a swimmer aged above 15, who managed to win a gold medal, three silver and five bronze medals while U-14 swimmers won five gold medals and three silver.

The Tanzania team managed to win 44 gold medals, 43 silver and 40 bronze to make a total of 127 medals with eight trophies.