Why ‘challenges are not yet over’ for Yanga’s competitors in Tanzanian soccer

Yanga players celebrate after being crowned the NBC League title at the Benjamin Mkapa Stadium in Dar es Salaam on May 25, 2024. PHOTO | COURTESY

What you need to know:

  • The surprise announcement was accompanied by a message displayed on the screen: "The challenge remains." This signifies that Gamondi and Yanga's dominance in Tanzanian football will continue, leaving attendees in awe.

Dar es Salaam. Yanga's move at yesterday's General Meeting seem like a declaration to their competitors: the hurdles they faced in the 2023-2024 season aren't over yet. They made this clear by approving a robust budget and extending coach Miguel Gamondi's contract.

The club passed a budget of Sh24.5 billion for the upcoming season, up from the previous season's Sh21 billion.

This significant investment allowed Yanga to recruit key players like Pacome Zouzoua, Maxi Nzengeli, and Yao Kouassi. With these additions, they successfully defended their titles in both the Premier League and the Federation Cup for the third consecutive season. Additionally, they reached the Champions League group stage for the first time in 25 years and advanced to the quarter-finals.

Adding to the excitement, Coach Gamondi, instrumental in Yanga's success, including their memorable 7-2 victory over Simba in the Kariakoo Derby, will continue to lead the team. Despite speculation about his departure due to several offers, Gamondi surprised attendees by appearing at the meeting, where Yanga's President, Hersi Said, announced a one-year contract extension.

The surprise announcement was accompanied by a message displayed on the screen: "The challenge remains." This signifies that Gamondi and Yanga's dominance in Tanzanian football will continue, leaving attendees in awe.

Yanga's head coach Miguel Gamondi poses for a photo with two titles that he led the club to win this year; the Tanzania Mainland Premier League and the CRDB Federation Cup. PHOTO | COURTESY

Under Gamondi's guidance, Yanga avenged their defeat to Simba with a resounding 5-1 victory last November. They maintained their winning streak by defeating several other teams and successfully defending their titles. Their exceptional performance even secured them a spot in the CAF quarter-finals after many years.

Sports minister applauds

During the assembly held at Dar es Salaam's Mwalimu Nyerere International Conference Centre, Minister of Culture, Arts, and Sports, Dr Damas Ndumbaro, acknowledged Yanga's current prowess and applauded their achievements in the past seasons. He went on to suggest that if not for the complexities of African football politics, Yanga would have been the pioneer in bringing CAF trophies to the country.

Dr Ndumbaro, known for his allegiance to Simba, emphasized that the current situation at Simba Sports Club doesn't signify a decline in their standards but rather underscores the excellence of Yanga and Azam FC. He noted that this supremacy has led to internal strife and frustration at Simba.

"The challenge facing Simba is the escalating standards of rival teams, particularly Yanga and Azam FC. The exceptional performance of these two clubs makes Simba seem inferior. I commend Yanga for their stellar performance. When one of these two clubs falters, and the other advances, the struggling one should take a moment to reflect and rebuild for progress."

How Yanga's last season billions were spent

During the meeting, which commenced at 4:30 PM and included 10 agenda items, Yanga disclosed a loss of over Sh1 billion as per the revenue and expenditure report for the 2023/2024 season. The report revealed that Yanga's total revenue amounted to Sh21.19 billion, whereas their expenses reached Sh22.29 billion, resulting in a deficit of over Sh1 billion.

A significant portion of the expenses, totaling Sh3.5 billion, was attributed to player transfers and acquisitions, including prominent names like Pacome Zouzoua, Yao Kouassi, and Joseph Guede. The bulk of the budget was allocated to player and coaching staff salaries, amounting to Sh7.39 billion, indicating the club's commitment to enhancing player standards and ensuring adequate compensation.

Other essential expenditures, such as transportation, meals, and accommodation, amounted to Sh2.89 billion, aimed at providing quality services to players and coaching staff during travel and training camps. Match preparations incurred expenses of Sh1.85 billion, directed towards ensuring timely completion of all necessary equipment and match-related arrangements.

Player and coaching staff incentives accounted for Sh2.6 billion, covering bonuses and rewards for various achievements. Camp expenses stood at Sh702 million, while compliance costs amounted to Sh944 million. Administrative expenses reached Sh1.46 billion, encompassing office expenses and administrative staff salaries.

Furthermore, Yanga allocated Sh424 million for marketing purposes and Sh503 million for financial costs, including loan interest and banking services. The total expenditures for the season amounted to Sh22.29 billion.

This comprehensive report reflects the club's dedication to enhancing infrastructure and player welfare through prudent financial management. With this transparency, Yanga SC anticipates continued support from members and stakeholders to achieve further success in the upcoming season.

Yanga players, officials and their fans feature in the special trophy parade to celebrate their 30th Mainland Tanzania Premier League title in Dares Salaam. PHOTO | LOVENESS BERNARD

Additionally, Yanga announced a budget of Sh24.5 billion for the team for the next season's various domestic and international competitions. This budget was unanimously approved at the meeting, attended by government officials, members of the club's Board of Trustees, and club sponsors.

During the meeting, Finance Director Sabri Sadick remarked that while the increase in the budget is significantly higher than the previous season's budget, it is necessary to meet the team's evolving needs. This budget increase for the upcoming season marks a departure from the previous one, as the club had allocated Sh20.8 billion in the General Meeting held on June 24th last year.


The Yanga meeting was conducted with commendable professionalism, leaving members smiling and optimistic about the future. Although there was a delay caused by some members arriving late, the proceedings eventually went smoothly.

The meeting was initially scheduled to start at 4:00 AM but commenced at 4:56 AM after reaching the required quorum. A total of 526 members attended, exceeding the minimum requirement of 630 from 126 branches.

Each branch was tasked with nominating five representatives to serve as delegates in the club's General Meeting.

Modern stadium is pipeline

Gracing the event, the Minister of State in the President's Office for Regional Administration and Local Government, Mr Mohamed Mchengerwa, announced that his office had received the requests for Yanga to build a stadium and would incorporate them into the urban development plan for the Msimbazi River Basin.

Mchengerwa assured that he would soon facilitate a meeting between Yanga's leadership and the relevant authorities overseeing the project to commence the allocation process as requested.

Moreover, Mchengerwa cautioned Yanga to adhere strictly to the construction timeline for the stadium. He warned that any delays or violations of regulations would result in the government revoking the land allocation.

"I want to be transparent; I will closely monitor this. You know me, I don't hide anything. If you fail to meet construction deadlines and perform adequately, we will not hesitate to revoke the land. I want to stress this," emphasized Mchengerwa, who also serves as the Member of Parliament for Rufiji.

More significant signings

During his speech, Yanga's President, Mr Hersi Said, outlined the club's plans following the successes of the recently concluded season. He stated that, in collaboration with sponsors, the management would pursue significant signings to maintain their achievements in the upcoming season.

"We are planning substantial and impactful signings; we will conduct thorough preparations, including a pre-season. We have received invitations from Kaizer Chiefs to visit South Africa, and we have also been invited by Raila Odinga to Kenya, where we may play against a top European club. Our aim is to achieve even greater success in the next season."

Hersi also introduced the special Yanga Reform Committee led by Lawyer Dr Alex Mgongolwa. This committee is tasked with transitioning the club into a modern, shareholder-based management system.

The Reform Committee, which includes members such as Eliakim Maswi, Raymond Wawa, and Ivan Tarimo, will oversee the valuation of the club and determine its market worth for potential listing on the stock exchange. Dr Mgongolwa explained: "The appraiser will assess our club's value and determine its worth for the stock market. We received applications from over 20 companies, and we will evaluate their experience, operational procedures, and tenure. Given our large fan base, their loyalty holds significant value. We will consider their performance, tenure, and commitment."

Despite the numerous applications received for the tender, Dr Mgongolwa mentioned they would shortlist three companies before selecting one to spearhead the initiative. Hersi emphasized that their role in the reform would be purely observational, with the committee entrusted to guide Yanga towards its desired destination.

The meeting concluded with a surprise appearance by Gamondi around 3:54 PM, following which Hersi officially closed the session. Members and delegates then enjoyed a provided lunch and received their meeting allowances.