Digital technology: A valuable opportunity to drive innovation

Tuesday September 08 2020

Tanzania’s digital landscape in recent years has grown from strength to strength, helping it become one of the fastest-growing in East Africa. It is well known that this growth has helped create a number of economic opportunities, and the country’s young population has ushered in an ecosystem that is embracing the latest digital trends.

In many sectors, digital technology is providing a valuable opportunity to drive innovation and help to secure sustainable growth.

For example, this week, the Ministry of Agriculture donated a range of ICT related equipment to both public and private agricultural training and educational centres, to help facilitate knowledge sharing.

According to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Gerald Kusaya, this latest donation will help the digitization process of these education facilities and support training future generations of workers.

This latest news further underlines the way in which digital technology can open the untapped potential for a number of parts of the Tanzanian economy.

While technology represents a useful driver for economic development, it is important to note that achieving digital transformation requires the work of both private and public sector stakeholders.


Fortunately enough, Tanzania’s telecom sector is well positioned to support the continued adoption of digital technology.

For a number of years, telecom companies such as Tigo Tanzania have invested in Tanzania’s digital infrastructure and played a leading role in increasing connectivity among the country’s population.

In addition, Tigo has helped to create innovative digital platforms which have served people and businesses in all aspects of life, including healthcare, e-payments and general communication.

Last year, it was announced that Tigo was merging with its sister company Zantel. This represents further good news for Tanzania’s digital sector.

The merger presents a valuable opportunity for both Tigo and Zantel customers. Once the merger is completed, customers will benefit from enhanced infrastructure.

In addition, customers will benefit from a broader range of services, helping to boost access to mobile money and other mobile internet services.

Let us be thankful for the hard work of the sector as it helps drive progress for all.