Opinion: The 10 best practices

Sunday August 01 2021
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It’s crucial to plan some uninterrupted time in the morning or in the afternoon in your busy schedule. PHOTO | FILE

By Azim Jamal

Elevate your success by applying these ten best practices:

1. Managing interruptions

If you regard being busy with lots of interruptions as a sign of success you will get a rude awakening! This does not define success - it is rather an activity trap! Plan some uninterrupted time early morning to get your most important work done. If you can, also plan some uninterrupted time in the afternoon to catch up on important work for the day still not done.

2. Effective delegation


If you are always blaming the person you are delegating to then it is likely that the way you are seeing the problem ‘is’ the problem! You need to look at delegation as a capacity building exercise not just a one time task.

Important things take planning and proactivity instead of fire fighting!

3. 100 percent completion

Two or three 100 percent important completed tasks or jobs are far more valuable than many unfinished jobs. Unfinished jobs take much longer if they are done piecemeal. When you have momentum and you complete the job 100 percent, you are usually far more efficient.

4. Doing a little extra

Doing a little extra takes your work from being ordinary to being extra-ordinary! The runner who comes first in a race and the runner who comes second in the race, the difference may only be a neck difference yet the rewards of the winner are far higher. Being first takes a bit extra.

5. Valuable time, not linear

Great work is done with valuable time not with linear time. Idea generation is a valuable time exercise. Planning your work as opposed to attending to it haphazardly is a valuable time exercise. Focusing on linear time is not the key. The key is focusing on valuable time, which leads to superior outcome.

6. Beautiful meeting point

Focusing on your vision takes you thinking of the future instead of being totally present now. Being present without a vision or a goal can take you away from your desired destiny.

However, having a powerful vision and aligning your activity in the moment to your vision creates a beautiful meeting point. This requires absolute clarity of your vision and amazing focus on task at hand!

7. Less is more

Doing less of important things is better than doing more of unimportant things. Being in an activity trap leads you to becoming a human doing instead of being a human being. Focus on the essential few instead of the plenty unimportant activities.

Know the essential few and invest time, energy and focus on the essential few. Do not major in minor things!

8. Slow is fast

When it comes to relationships slowing down is speeding up. When a customer or a spouse is complaining, slow down and empathize to speed up the outcome.

If you are going the wrong direction speeding up towards the wrong direction will make you get lost faster. Slow down and ensure you are going the right direction to speed up to your direction!

9. Small is big

Success is in big things, whereas real happiness comes from small things! Driving fancy cars, living in big houses will make you feel successful. Having loving relationships, enjoying quality time with family, living a principle centred and balanced life will make you feel happier.

10. Crystal clear goals

Success is goals and everything else can be blah blah blah without clear goals!

Implementation, regular feedback and positive accountability on these tips will start your journey to create sustainable success!