A WhatsApp group in Uganda called "Buyanja My Roots" recently made headlines after one of its members, Mr Herbert Baitwababo, sued the administrators for kicking him out.

According to Mr Baitwababo, the group, which is a social welfare organisation, requires new members to pay subscriptions.

"The membership fee is Ush30,000 and we contribute when someone loses a loved one, we also run medical camps for those who cannot afford treatment and we also respond to emergency calls such as disasters and arson attacks," he said.

Mr Baitwababo says the admin kicked him out after a dispute over the management of the group's funds.

"I questioned the contributions that had been collected since 2017. I demanded accountability and questioned the structure and legality of the organisation," he said.

On 16 May 2023, a Magistrate's court granted Baitwababo's wish and ordered the WhatsApp group to reinstate him.

"My prayers were just two: that I would be reinstated in the group, which they did, and secondly that the court would grant me a permanent injunction so that I would not be kicked out again," Mr Baitwababo said.