French tourists outnumber Italians in Zanzibar's February arrivals

Dar es Salaam. Tourists arriving from France outnumbered their counterparts from Italy and other parts of the world in the number of visitors who came to Zanzibar in February 2023, with Poland and Germany taking the third and fourth slots, the tourism statistical release shows.

The document which was released on March 22, in collaboration between Chief Government Statistician, the Zanzibar Commission for Tourism and the Immigration department shows that Zanzibar recorded 65,430 international visitors in February, 2023.

The number shows that for the first time February has recorded less visitors with a decrease of 4.9 percent compared with 68,813 visitors recorded in January 2023

According to the data 60,065 visitors equivalent to 91.8 percent of the visitors entered through the Abeid Amani Karume International Airport, with 54,572 on international flights and 5,493 by domestic flights.

The report further adds that the remaining 5,365 visitors entered through seaport out of which 963 came by cruise ship and sea ferries from outside Tanzania and 4,402 by Sea Ferries from Dar es Salaam

The French accounted for accounted for 9,570 (14 percent) whereas the Italians who were second accounted for 8,378 of the total arrivals followed by Polish (5,702) and Germans (5,632).

Tourists from Europe continued to dominate the market by accounting for 55,566 (84.9 percent) of the total visitors in February 2023.

Just like in January, female visitors continued to outnumber their male counterparts who were 23,326 whereas 42,104 were female.

The data though does not explain the reason for the decline it shows that male visitors decreased by 29.0 and Female increased by 17.0 percent in comparison to the preceding month of January 2023.