Fumba Town to provide core funding for Sauti za Busara

The Minister of Tourism and Heritage for Zanzibar,  Simai Mohammed Said (center) witnessing the signing of the sponsorship agreement for the Sauti za Busara festival that will take place in February, 2023, between the Chief Commercial Officer of  CPS, Tobias Dietzold and Busara Promotions CEO, Yusuf Mahmoud, yesterday. 

Fumba Town by CPS has joined forces with Sauti za Busara  to become the main sponsor of  East Africa's most prominent music festival in Zanzibar, the developers have announced.

"Busara Promotions is delighted to announce its core operational expenses for the next three years will largely be covered by CPS, and by that, Fumba Town is becoming the main festival partner and sponsor." Yusuf Mahmoud, CEO and Festival Director of Sauti za Busara said on Monday.

He added that Sauti za Busara would not be possible without partners and sponsors such as CPS, the company developing Fumba Town.

This new partnership will ensure that the internationally renowned Festival will carry on its journey and continue to attract thousands of visitors to Zanzibar.

 The Norwegian Embassy previously supported the Festival from 2009 until March 2022. When this and other sponsors such as Pennyroyal withdrew, the widely acclaimed African Festival was in danger of being discontinued.

The 2023 festival will be Sauti za Busara's 20th-Anniversary edition as they celebrate African music under African stars.

Apart from 2016, the music event held at the historic Old Fort in Unesco-protected Stone Town has never failed to be held, even during two years of the coronavirus crisis. It attracts up to 20,000 visitors over three to four days - a major booster for Zanzibar tourism for two decades.

"The festival has been a vital part of Zanzibar's culture, it brings together people from all walks of life, promoting strong, peaceful and resilient communities. This is what we stand for at Fumba Town and CPS, and therefore we are grateful to be able to contribute our part. The private sector must take responsibility to support initiatives like this," said Tobias Dietzold, Chief Commercial Officer of CPS

He added:We are committed to keeping the Sauti za Busara festival robust and dynamic for the next few years as we enjoy our rich and diverse cultural heritage through live music. 

He also said that it is their hope that through this partnership they will ensure that, at the minimum, the next three Busara festivals and the culture surrounding them continue to thrive.

On his part, the Minister for Tourism and Heritage for Zanzibar, Hon. Simai Mohammed Said lauded both Sauti za Busara and Fumba Town for coming together to support the growth of tourism in the isles. 


"The Festival has, over the last 20 years, become one of the major attractions for visitors in our annual events calendar. We urge all government agencies and leaders, businesses, private and corporate donors to follow CPS' positive example to invest in celebrations of our arts and cultural heritage, which offer unique and unforgettable experiences for visitors to the region," the Minister of Tourism noted. "

The 20th-anniversary edition of Sauti za Busara will take place from 10th to 12th February 2023. With its theme being Tofauti Zetu, Utajiri Wetu (Diversity is Our Wealth).

The Festival will reach out to a diverse crowd and feature live music performances from Zanzibar, Tanzania, DRC, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Mayotte and Reunion. It is usually embedded among training workshops, networking and cultural events throughout Stone Town.