Thursday, October 12, 2017

Five people killed by rain in Tanzania’s central region of Tabora


By Robert Kakwesi @TheCitizenTz

Igunga. A downpour and incidents related to rain have killed at least five people from Nanga Ward in Igunga District, Tabora Region on Tuesday and Wednesday.

A Standard Two pupil at Bulyang’ombe Primary School in the ward was struck dead by lightening on Tuesday, October 10.

On Wednesday, October 11, four people were killed by walls and rood that collapsed on them following heavy rains.

Tabora regional police commander Wilbroad Mtafungwa identified the pupil who died as Zengo Tano, 8.

He noted that the pupil had taken shelter under a tree as the rain pounded and that was when he was hit by the lightening.

The RPC noted that the other four victims were from Igogo Village in Nanga Ward.

“As for the other four victims, the walls of the house they were living in collapsed on them. The house was made of mud walls and failed to withstand the rain,” he said.

He identified the deceased as Kagwa Makenza, 80, and Sande Dule, 6, who died immediately after the incident.

The others were Butondo Shija, 3, and Mbula Dule who was three months old.

Igunga district commissioner John Mwaipopo urged residents to seek shelter in houses that are strong and can withstand heavy rains.

“Most houses here are made of mud and are, therefore, too weak to withstand rains,” he said.

He said that it was a high time for residents to build stronger houses using burnt bricks.

Mr Mwaipopo said that the residents should make savings for this purpose.