Monday, April 16, 2018

What drivers should do during rainy season


By Kalunde Jamal @TheCitizenTZ

Dar es Salaam. The Dar es Salaam Special Zone Traffic Officer, Mr Marison Mwakyoma has outlined five things that drivers must consider to avoid accidents during this rainy season.


The non-stop rains have pounded the city for the third consecutive day, causing deaths, transport disruption and destruction of houses.


Mr Mwakyoma outlined the issues when speaking to The Citizen on Monday, April 16 on the state of Dar es Salaam roads.


He said all drivers should switch on their car lights all the time to increase visibility, which according to him, will minimise chances of accidents.


“They should also maintain enough space between their vehicles because possibilities are now high for breaks to fail,” he said during a telephone interview.


According to him, the drivers are supposed to fill enough fuel in order to avoid inconveniences on the road, which may cause unnecessary traffic and accidents.

He said the drivers should maintain the use of air conditions in their cars to avoid derailing when cleaning fogs in the mirrors.

“My concern to drivers is that they shouldn’t measure the level of water using car tires, they should obey and positively respond to warnings and instructions given for hazardous roads. They should keep listening to media updates all the time,” he said.

He advised those doubting their vehicles to leave them at home and use public transport.