Saturday, April 21, 2018

18,000 girls in Manyara to receive vaccine against cervical cancer


By Joseph Lyimo @TheCitizenTZ

Babati. At least 17,645 secondary school students aged 14 years old are expected to receive cervical cancer vaccination in Manyara Region.

Manyara regional hospital chief medical officer Damas Kayera made the statement in Babati on Saturday, April 21, during a capacity building training to journalists to be engaged in the vaccination campaign.

Dr Kayera said the region has set aside 196 stations in five districts of Babati, Mbulu, Kiteto, Hanang' and Simanjiro for administration of the vaccination.

John Snow Inc (JSI) Vaccination programme officer Nassor Mohamed said cervical cancer was a leading type of cancer in causing death among cancer victims, followed by breast cancer.

“The two types of cancers account for about 50 per cent of cancer-related deaths to the women in the country,” he said.

Manyara regional press club vice chairperson Mary Margwe said the capacity building training will enable journalists to make beneficial coverage on the exercise.

Club’s regional secretary Theddy Charle said they were committed to educating the society on the importance of the nation-wide vaccination campaign targeting the 14-year old girls.