Monday, August 21, 2017

Arts to be used in the fight against corruption


By Hellen Nachilongo @musanachi60

Dar es Salaam. The National Museum and House of Culture (NMHC) has introduced a program which will use arts to front a war against corruption in the country.

NMHC spokesperson, Mr Sixmund Begashia, said on August 21, 2017 that the move would offer artists an opportunity to use their talents to educate the public on the effects of corrupt society.

According to him, corruption was still a major challenge in the country therefore joint effort were needed overcome the vice.

"The NMHC is expected to conduct exhibition from August 24 to 27 in Kariakoo, Temeke, Mbagala Zakhem and Manzese," he said.

He added that soon after they are done with Dar es Salaam, the exhibition would be conducted in different parts of the country naming Chalinze, Morogoro, Iringa, Songea, Kilimanjaro Tanga and Arusha as some of areas which will be given priority.

He said that during exhibition, the community will be given opportunity to share challenges around corruption to PCCB officers.

"This would be a big opportunity for the community to speak out about corruption. Most of the time they fail to report corruption due to lack of knowledge on where to report the matter,” he said.