Monday, December 4, 2017

Cybercrime cases hit 82pc

The spokesperson for the Police Force, Mr

The spokesperson for the Police Force, Mr Barnabas Mwakalukwa speaks at a past event. PHOTO|FILE 

By Gadiosa Lamtey @gadiosa2

        Dar es Salaam. The number of cybercrime offences rose by 82.5 per cent last year, official data shows as a growing number of unemployed youths find themselves spending much of their time on social media platforms.

The figures – produced by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) – also blame the growth on the youths’ desire to accumulate wealth in the shortest possible time.

NBS’ data show that from January to December, 2016, a total of 9,441 cases were reported compared with 5,172 cases in a similar period in 2015.

A new report conducted in 2016 by the Tanzania Police Force and officially published by NBS show shows that cybercrime offences were increasing day after day, with much of the frequently committed crimes being theft on mobile money transactions, abusive language as well as information – shared through various cyber platforms – which relate to breaking, possessing of government trophies and illicit drugs.

“Economic hardship, lack of integrity, urbanization, globalization, poverty, wide gap between the rich and the poor, unemployment among the youth and desire to accumulate wealth are among reasons for increasing number of cyber-crimes,” the report says in part.

The spokesperson for the Police Force, Mr Barnabas Mwakalukwa told The Citizen yesterday that curbing cybercrime requires the involvement of various partners including financial institutions and mobile operators.

“If everyone obeys the laws and regulations and avoid attacking people on social media platforms, the number of incidences will go down,” he said, insisting that youths must also be encouraged to be involved in proper cultural and social activities.

The community – especially youth groups - must also be educated on self-employment.