Tuesday, July 18, 2017

CCM, Chadema battle for Lake Zone influence

 Mr Salum Mwalimu

 Mr Salum Mwalimu 

By Peter Saramba @TheCitizenTz news@tz.nationemedia.com

Mwanza. Chadema and CCM national leaders are now neck-and-neck in the Lake Zone as they embark on a drive to strengthen their respective parties through workshops and indoor meetings.

Deputy secretaries to both parties Mr Salum Mwalimu (Chadema, Zanzibar), and Mr Rodrick Mpogolo (CCM, Mainland), are in Mwanza for their party’s special tours where they will meet the zone’s party leaders and members.

Mr Mpogolo, who is accompanied by Mwanza CCM Chairman Dr Anthony Diallo, are touring seven districts while Mr Mwalimu has been busy in indoor meetings and workshops in the city since last week.

Mr Mpogolo’s tour is expected to reach Kwimba, Misungwi, Magu, Ukerewe, Sengerema, Ilemela and Nyamagana districts.

Unlike Mwalimu whose workshop with the Chadema youth wing (Bavicha) leaders in Nyamagana was interrupted by police before being okayed by the Mwanza Regional Police Commander, Mr Ahmed Msangi, Mpogolo’s tour faces neither interruptions nor restrictions from the police.

Speaking during the Bavicha’s workshop held in Nyamagana District over the weekend, Mr Mwalimu called on the Chadema leaders and members to stand firm and build the party despite prohibitive conditions following government’s ban on political activities that include rallies and demonstrations.