1. CRDB committed to championing Africa’s economic future

    CRDB Bank Group, a regional financial powerhouse with a footprint in Tanzania, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), reaffirms its commitment to unlock Africa’s vast economic...

  2. Uchumi Bank records Sh1.42 billion in profit for the year 2023

    Uchumi Bank has recorded a profit of Sh1.42 billion in the year 2023 compared to Sh966 million recorded in the year 2022 which is equivalent to an increase of 47.8 per cent.

  3. TADB Flags Second Place among SADC Development Finance Institutions

    This prestigious recognition underscores TADB’s unwavering commitment to governance, financial prudential standards, and operational excellence.

  4. Why Puma Energy excels with low-carbon and lasting solutions

    Since the industrial revolution, fossil fuels have powered extraordinary growth and development, albeit with huge costs to our climate.

  5. TPC Limited: A cut above the rest in national economy contributions

    TPC Limited closes the fiscal year 2023/24 with a Sh10.2 billion payout of dividend to the Government expediting its remarkable contribution to the country’s national economy.

  6. CRDB Bank cashes out Sh51.7 billion in dividend to Tanzania Government

    Tanzania’s Minister for Investment and Planning, Prof Kitila Mkumbo, on behalf of the government, has received a highest dividend ever given by a financial firm in the country

  7. Bridging nature and community: JGI’s sustainable conservation efforts in western Tanzania

    Tanzania is home to 2,200 chimpanzees, with at least 60 per cent of them facing pressure from a poverty-stricken human population.

  8. Carbon Tanzania marks World Environment Day by handing over Sh14.25Bn in carbon revenue to Tanganyika District communities

    By stopping deforestation in their forest reserves, the communities are contributing to the global fight against climate change.

  9. Kafika House: A low-cost, efficient rehabilitation programme for children with treatable disabilities

    Kafika House is commonly referred to as a haven place of residence for the-away-from-home children with disabilities receiving pre-and post-operative care and rehabilitation care.

  10. Celebration of the Italian National Day

    On the occasion of the National day of Italy, I wish to congratulate my fellow Nationals for their continuous and appreciated activities in Tanzania that contribute to our great image in this...