1. New ILO Director: Advancing social justice is a work in progress

    One of the efforts that I have taken with just a month in the office is to propose and expedite the common market protocol draft that demands free movement of laborers across the region."

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  2. Celebrating 50 years of Brahma Kumaris’ exalted services in Tanzania

    There is something for everyone offered at the Brahma Kumaris, whether it is meditation or retreats, conferences, seminars, dialogues, fairs, counseling, research.

  3. TCU upgrades CUoM to fully-fledged university

    A new era has dawned at one of the oldest higher education institutions, the Catholic University of Mbeya (CUoM) – after being upgraded to a fully-fledged university.

  4. Petro Group: PMAYA awards reflect our consistent performances

    Winning awards is in the Petro Group’s DNA. From collecting PMAYA award as a new entrant around 2017 to scooping up them back to back

  5. Tanzania’s communication sector leaps into modern connectivity and digital progress

    The year 2023 capped off an epic growth for the communication sector, projecting that the country is moving in the right direction with the sector.

  6. Plasco Ltd: Growth, innovation and compliance are stepping stones towards PMAYA success

    It seems that everything Plasco Ltd touched in the course of 2023 turned to gold.

  7. Mo Dewji Foundation Trust Fund Sh100 million donation to Tumaini la Maisha – 10 Years of Support

    Since 2013, The Mo Dewji Foundation Trust Fund has partnered with Tumaini la Maisha, the largest Childhood Cancer Center in Tanzania, to provide free and curative care for children with cancer...

  8. TotalEnergies ends the year in style, bagging double accolades at PMAYA 2023

    TotalEnergies closes the year 2023 on a high note, having scooped double awards during the anxiously awaited and country’s premier awarding event, the 17th President’s Manufacturer of the Year...

  9. Aga Khan Health Service, Tanzania (AKHST), secures title as one of the 2023 Best Large Taxpayers (Ilala Tax Region) in rare historical milestone

    Aga Khan Health Service, Tanzania (AKHST) received an award for the Best Large Taxpayer category (Ilala Tax Region) for the first time. As a new entrant in the contest, the award came as a...

  10. Participation in regional and global value chains can enhance productive capacity for industrial and trade expansion

    Productive capacities develop within a country through four closely interrelated processes: capital accumulation, technological progress, management and structural change.