Friday, January 12, 2018

Chadema’s Central Committee meets today


By Elizabeth Edward

The Central Committee (CC) of the main Opposition Chadema is meeting today, hardly four days since former Prime Minister Edward Lowassa visited State House and held talks with President John Magufuli.

Mr Lowassa made the visit on January 9 sparking debate within and outside Chadema, especially after Mr Lowassa gave a statement that praised the performance of the CCM government led by President Magufuli, contrary to the established stand of the Opposition.

In the meeting to be led by party chairman Freeman Mbowe, The Citizen was hinted that, among other things, CC members would like to know the details of the talks between Mr Lowassa and President Magufuli, as well as possibly issue him with a warning on praising the government.

“This is an emergency meeting. We want him to know how Opposition politics works. He mustn’t ingratiate himself to the rulers. It is also appropriate that knows when and when not to make public statements. He should stop isolating himself in politics and stop dissolving the institution as well. He must know that we are an Opposition and not a ruling party,” hinted the source to The Citizen

However, Chadema Deputy Secretary General (Zanzibar), Mr Salum Mwalimu, when speaking to The Citizen yesterday, said the aim of the meeting was to make an assessment of the current state of politics in the country.

He said the emergency meeting was originally planned to be held in December last year, before it was postponed because of the end of the year festive season.

Mr Mwalimu explained that the meeting’s agendas were arranged even before Mr Lowassa, who is a member of the Chadema Central Committee, went to State House and that the issue s of his visit might come up in the meeting.

“This issue is not in the agenda. However, if it pops up, then it will be given time for discussion,” observed Mr Mwalimu.

“However, to him, it may be a good opportunity to explain to the CC and fellow leaders what happened,” added Mr Mwalimu