Saturday, August 19, 2017

Ensure equity in access to study loans: stakeholders

National Social Security Fund Dodoma regional

National Social Security Fund Dodoma regional manger Nyakabuyeze Kirondera addresses University of Dodoma students at a past event. PHOTO I FILE      

Brown Mosses –Tanga

The government has the primary responsibility to train its citizen by ensuring study loans are accessible on soft conditions to enable as many people as possible acquire higher education.

It should be remembered that education is a fundamental right to everyone according to the constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania which is also regarded as the mother law.

The government should simplify the set terms if it is really committed to promoting education and implementing its industrialisation drive.

Again, the beneficiaries must be committed to repay their loans so that their young brothers and sisters and even children would also benefit from the same fund. President John Magufuli has been insisting on this last point.

Respicius Eustace – Dar es Salaam

As a country we need to have better education policy that wouldn’t draw a line to separate the classes of the haves and have-nots. We all have equal rights to enjoy the fruits of our great nation.

Government leaders shouldn’t be changing the policy on their personal whims and interests, this will enable many people to access the higher education loan hence end the public grievances as it was experienced last year.

These impromptu changes made by the government frustrate plans and expectations of students as many are forced to opt for courses which are out of their interest, which is quite unfair.

If we are to continue acting this way, I’m afraid that the government’s plan to build an industrialised economy and pushing the country into the middle income status by 2025 will not be achieved. We must all deserve study loans on merit.

Anicet Macheta- Mwanza

First of all, the new changes narrows the chances for higher education students to access loans.

Moreover, even the group of people with special needs such as those with disabilities, orphans and those taking arts courses haven’t been given attention, it’s really confusing.

And why there are limitations for a number of people who can access the loan while it will be refunded with interest?

It’s high time for the policy makers to standardise the requirements to prevent confusion this year and in the coming years. We must ensure that we don’t encourage people to think that there are important and less important citizens of Tanzania.