Wednesday, February 14, 2018

How Uganda-Tanzania pipeline to benefit citizens


By Burhani Yakub @TheCitizenTZ

Tanga. Thousands are set to benefit from the implementation of the construction of the oil pipeline, particularly, a 461-kilometre long stretch, running between Handeni-Kijungu-Chemba-Kwamtoro-Singida.

Works, Communications and Transport deputy minister Elias Kwandika said residents of Tanga, Manyara and Singida regions should prepare to benefit from the project.

Mr Kwandika said this on Wednesday, February 14, when he inspected preparations going on in the region.

Speaking at the regional commissioner’s office, the deputy minister said the government had plans to promptly construct a road alongside the pipeline so as to ease implementation of the project.

The pipeline will start in Uganda’s Hoima to Chogoleani in Tanga Region.

“The road will not only bring about economic development but also attract tourism through reducing travel time and help in the protection of the key infrastructure,” said Mr Kwandika.

The manager of Tanzania National Roads Agency (Tanroads) of Tanga region, Mr Alfred Ndumbaro, said Tanga Region will benefit from having a well-built road with a length of 88.5 kilometres.

Tanga’s Regional Commissioner Martine Shigela said the constructed road with that of Tanga-Pangani-Saadni-Bagamoyo will facilitate ongoing investment opportunities in the region.

He said, the huge projects that are proceeding in his region are the oil pipe line and a cement industry of Sinoma Hengya that will produce up to 7,000,000 tones of cement per year, with an investment cost of Sh7 trillion and will employ more than 10,000 people.

He said the government through that project will be able to collect $200 million per year and royalties of $2 million per month.