Thursday, June 14, 2018

Stop denying children education, Zanzibar minister says

Deputy minister of Education and Vocational

Deputy minister of Education and Vocational Training–Zanzibar Mmanga Mjawiri 

By Haji Mtumwa @TheCitizenTZ

Zanzibar. The ministry of Education and Vocational Training–Zanzibar has urged parents in Charawe village to stop denying their children their right to education.

The ministry’s deputy minister, Mr Mmanga Mjawiri, issued the remarks when he was responding to a question posed by a representative for Paje, Mr Jaku Ayoub, during a House of Representatives meeting held in Chukwani on Thursday, June 14.

“Parents’ decision to deny their children to access their right to education is unacceptable. It will have an adverse effect in the society,” he said.

Mr Ayoub sought to know measures the ministry has put in place to ensure that children in the rural areas access education.

This comes after reports suggested that parents in the village were denying their children the right to education, citing poverty as the main reason.

The villagers descended to abject poverty after the Zanzibar government upheld a ban on charcoal production with a view to conserving forest resources.

Mr Mjawiri further revealed that the government had put in place various strategies to resolve the matter and make sure that the children have access to education.

“We have held talks with villagers on the importance of conserving forests,” he said.

He said the villagers were determined to work with the government in conserving the environment.