Thursday, September 17, 2015

Why TZ music videos don't make the cut

MTV Base channel director Tim Horwood

MTV Base channel director Tim Horwood 

By By Paul Owere

There is a growing notion that international TV networks just don’t have time for Tanzanian music videos.  The Beat had a chat with top music channel head Tim Horwood to find out if this is true.

Speaking exclusively with the Beat, Horwood, MTV Base channel director said that his channel doesn't care where the content comes from as long as it suits its profile.

“There is a very simple submission procedure which allows anyone to submit their videos online and that doesn’t have to come from a particular part of the continent, all we care for is the quality,” he says.

He adds that in the event that the video submitted to the channel always gives a detailed feedback on why the video did not make the cut.

“Through this we think we are trying to help the artiste and his production team realise what they need to do the next time for their video to reach the required standards,” says Tim Horwood.

According to Horwood what he has seen in the past was that the videos didn’t tick the relevant boxes which made them playable.

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