Sunday, February 4, 2018

Young genius who can recite every capital city


By Compiled by Elizabeth Tungaraza

       Anala Beevers from New Orleans learned the alphabet when she was four months old and by 18 months had mastered numbers in Spanish.

At the age of four Anala was able to recite the capital of every country and claims to be smarter than her parents. She has become the newest member of the genius club, Mensa.

Anala Beevers from New Orleans, Louisiana, scored more than 145 in a standardised IQ test putting her in the top one per cent of the population.

Her mother and father say that she learned the alphabet when she was four months old and by one-and-a half had mastered numbers in Spanish.

The names of planets and dinosaurs are her current preoccupation. ‘She’s a handful, I’ll tell you she is a handful . . . she keeps us on our toes,’ her father Landon said, adding that she should have her own reality show, while her mother Sabrina explained that she constantly corrects their grammar.

Corrects parents’ grammar

In a YouTube clip the switched-on youngster is asked to name the capitals of countries including the Czech Republic, Kenya and South Korea.

Each time she responds with the correct answer, hardly taking any time to think.

The toddler’s parents, Sabrina and Landon, say she constantly corrects their grammar. She also effortlessly reels off the capitals for 12 U.S. states, revealing Tallahassee as the main city of Florida and Baton Rouge as the central hub for Louisiana. In an interview she makes it clear that she is aware of her gifts.

When asked if she’s smart she nods her head ‘yes’ adding ‘I’m really smart.’ Anala says when she grows up she would like to be a nurse and help people.

When she’s not exercising her brain the toddler enjoys playing with her big sister.

Currently, American Mensa has more than 2,800 members under the age of 18 with the youngest being three years old.