Tuesday, December 26, 2017

CAREER CLINIC: Leaping into 2018 with a #GrowthMindset


By Miranda Naiman

As the end of 2017 draws near, we enter an inevitable phase of introspection on a personal and organisational level.

Having endured a road peppered with peaks and troughs, your growth is likely to have emanated from a continued push, or an interminable #GrowthMindset, as I like to phrase it.

Growth is the law of nature - plants reach up towards the sun for nourishment and a better chance at being watered to receive the nutrients they need with the sole purpose of flourishing.

Similarly, animals are driven wholly by the search for food – the energy generated catalyzes growth and a survival-of-the-fittest cycle – the desire to grow inevitably reduces the likelihood of falling prey to predators.

Humans are no different; we too invest years of our lives in formal education, immersion into community norms, societal rites of passage, and all the while, further developing ourselves to secure a seat at our table of choice.

Attitude is equally as important as ability when it comes to personal success, and #GrowthMindset can be clearly defined as the unique set of guiding principles that forms your overall outlook.

Approaching life experiences with an air of inquisitiveness and viewing everything that hurtles your way as a learning opportunity serves you well in the long-run.

As we hit reset as the start of the New Year approaches, I challenge you to ask 3 key questions (with brutal honesty) in preparation for a trailblazing, slam-dunking 2018:

What are you most proud of? Unpick the moments that gave you most delight – these could be moments of recognition and acknowledgement; personal milestones or achievements; or having overcome great adversity.

Explore the impact you have had on those around you throughout the year – if you were to ask your family and friends, what would they say they cherish about you?

What have you learnt? While 2017 taught us that we must be ready for anything – adapting to the changing ecosystem in Tanzania has been critical to our organic growth.

Most us will have bounced back from an array of industry challenges and maintained a positive attitude even at the most adverse of times. Cast your mind back to events that could have played-out differently, and identify the key learnings.

All life’s experience come with clear lessons; if you had no control over the outcome, reflect on how you have been strengthened as a person and how much more prepared you will be when the next Venus fly-trap snaps around your ankle.

What is around the corner? The true joy of life is never really knowing what is around the corner, steer the ship wherever you wish to go. Use your reflections on your 2017 learnings as fuel to get you where you want to go.

Invest in improving yourself, to have a greater impact in all you do – aim for exponential growth and you will make it happen. Focus on manifesting abundance in your life – be it health, love, wealth or influence.

Whatever your mind can conceive it can achieve – go beyond visualizing what you want – make it happen by planning and working towards it.

Hopefully, the end of 2017 will provide a unique opportunity for you to be around loved ones – I’ve spoken often about authentic connections, so there is little more to be said – cherish these fleeting moments, for without love, everything else is meaningless. Greetings of the season to you and yours, and may you successfully leap into 2018 with a #GrowthMindset.     

Miranda is the \founder and Managing Director of Empower Limited; Email: AskMiranda@empower.co.tz