Friday, March 2, 2018

Desiigner hit with defamation lawsuit

Rapper Desiigner

Rapper Desiigner 

Desiigner is being sued for defamation by Jessica Brown who runs College Gurl, a company whose mission “is to ensure that students and families are well informed about the programs, policies, and strategies that result in making the best-informed decisions around financing a college education.”

According to TMZ, Jessica Brown reportedly helped Desiigner’s sister Siera Shelby gain admission to Howard University. From there the story gets murky. Jessica claims to have helped Siera get a storage unit while she was enrolled.

Several months later, she pulled out of school leaving her belongings inside the storage locker. Brown claims to have reached out to Siera who did not want to reclaim her possessions.

That’s where the perspectives on the situation seem to diverge. This comment which was left by Desiigner on his Instagram Page, is at the heart of the defamation suit. He claims that Jessica Brown tried to extort money out of him during the enrolment process. We’ll let the courts decide where the truth lies.