Friday, January 5, 2018

From Vee Money to the Compozers, what a year ender!!!!

Vanessa Mdee and Mohombi perform ‘Njoo Kwangu’

Vanessa Mdee and Mohombi perform ‘Njoo Kwangu’ 

By Paul Owere

Dar es Salaam. It was a weekend that was full of all sorts of merry making as folks sought to bid farewell to a rather very eventful year.

There were events that shaped the industry in the past 12 months, some were indeed embarrassing but the same breath there were those that were worth celebrating.

And sometimes as they say it does not matter how you start your journey but rather how you finish for as we have come in a world that is becoming increasingly twisted, the end justifies the means.

And so as the week wore on news of the day had it that Vanessa Mdee would be holding a listening party for her debut album Money Mondays at the Hyatt Regency. To make it even spicier it was an invite only event therefore guaranteeing that no unwanted faces would gatecrash the party as the case has been at certain events recently. Talk of turbulence; it was a year that the singer admits that it was one to forget after she was named in that infamous list to the extent that she even contemplated throwing in the towel.

On this day Vanessa was at the door with a couple of assistants to welcome her guests in person after having held a press conference earlier on in the day at the same venue.

Her guests ranged from super models Flaviana Matata, Harriet Paul, Idris Sultan, Joh Makini, G-Nako, Ommy Dimpoz plus several other high profile socialites who rock the city. Do remember Kwanza Unit? Well one of its founders Kibacha aka KBC was also in the house.

And just as many had suspected Vanessa revealed that her beau Jux was the rock that stood by her during the turbulent times and if it was not for him then the Album wouldn’t have been completed.

Incidentally Jux was also in the house and the pair was later on in the night quite inseparable as they mixed with their guests after she had given the audience snippets of some of the five songs or do on the album.

So we now know that all that while Jux and Vee Money have always been an item and they never separated even a single day!

Hers was a story of some relentless effort towards achieving what not many female musicians have achieved in the industry in recent years in Tanzania.

The songs on her album just like most young women today are a tale some personal battle with romance and especially with the advent of the social media platforms such as instagram. On her guest list was a high profile guest as well in the name of Mohombi , a Grammy award winning artiste with a rich resume that is probably just as illustrious as his songs. The two joined hands in giving revellers a full dose of their collaboration effort ‘Njo Kwangu’ a song that got the audience on their feet.

Mohombi who previously had collaborated with Diamond Platnumz was returning to Tanzania for the second time after his first visit ended in a disappointment when power failure forced the show to close before he could perform.

This time around as he danced on the table he was buoyed with the fact that African music is travelling places

As part of her collaboration efforts she was joined by Joh Makini in a redoing Marijani Rajabu’s Pumzi a song that is definitely likely to take the slightly older folks back into the days. Irrespective of how far this album might or might not go, she has laid the mark of a diva ready to take on the industry. But as we were still thinking of Vanessa word had arrived that a certain boy band from the UK called the Compozers were in town. The group is formed of Nana ‘Pokes’ Ntorinkansah, David ‘Melodee’ Ohene-Akrasi, Stephen ‘Drummerboy’ Asamoah-Duah , and Charlie ‘Biggz’ Mensah-Bonsu who were all born in London to Ghanaian parents. Though with a high profile resume elsewhere, this was their first time to perform in this part of the continent and the gig was testimony as to why they are so famous in West Africa and Europe. As the countdown to 2018 beckoned the British band that had on the night chosen to go the Karaoke style got the audience which was mainly corporate in a dancing mood.

Their set for the night included music from the old school to some of the most famous African artistes such as Davido and Wiz Kid.

The compozers believe music can be used to transform the lives of people around the globe. Music is a universal language and as the people’s band they use their talents to reach out to those who are unreachable through the touch of their instruments. They have travelled the world doing what they do best, performing with various award winning artists such as Wizkid and Fuse ODG.

On that night the quartet let the music do the talking as they took revellers through a musical journey worth being labeled a true year ender at the Hyatt Regency.