Friday, September 1, 2017

Oriflame holds skincare master class in Dar

This is how we do it : Leyla Samuel showing

This is how we do it : Leyla Samuel showing Novage Bright Sublime 

Dar es Salaam. Skincare is one of the most important elements that today’s celebrities take seriously but sometimes they get it all wrong causing all sorts of discomfort.

Cosmetic giants Oriflame this week held a skincare master class in Dar es Salaam in an effort to get connected with its growing young and sassy clientele base.

The session featured celebrities, cosmetologists and business people who are all part of the oriflamme family.

The firm which was founded in Stockholm in 1967 has been operational in Tanzania for the past five years. Speaking at the event Mary Makena said they had convened in a year when the Swedish cosmetics giant celebrates 50 years of manufacturing and distribution of cosmetics and makeup worldwide to educate their clients on some of the little issues. “As much as we are here to showcase our products, we are here to have fun as well as we explore new opportunities that come with such association,” she said.

The company operates in over 66 countries worldwide selling natural skin care and cosmetics products marketed through direct selling system.