Saturday, November 18, 2017


Janet Otieno-Prosper

Janet Otieno-Prosper 

By Janet Otieno-Prosper

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If you have any comment then don’t hesitate to get back to us on the email provided below. In this week’s cover, we are featuring various women who are making it big in the technology field. Many years ago, only few women had professional skills as far as computing technology is concerned.

They say necessity is the mother of invention and for anything or idea to be successful then it must have an impact. And that is what we are all about. This time around, we have forward thinking women who are using technology to solve some of the problems in the society. That way, they make this world a better place.

Their passion and creativity is helping many people.

So the technology sector is not after all still horrible to women across the world. Many Tanzanian women are folding their shirts and are becoming the driving forces of innovation in the country and beyond.

And all over the world there is faster growth of many tech innovations by women. Long ago, technology was viewed as a field of men in T-shirts and jeans, not anymore, women have made inroads and are doing astounding work. Take a look at some of the high tech women or should I call them Tanzanian technology divas. Wishing you a great weekend.