Saturday, September 9, 2017

There is a need for gender parity


By Janet Otieno-Prosper

During the Tanzania Gender Networking Programme (TGNP) conference this week, Mama Anna Makinda, the former Speaker of Parliament said something which fascinated me. She said women shouldn’t wait for a government dominated by men to support them in doing their jobs.

She added that women can do things without being supervised, and called on women to the lead and show the world that they can manage complex issues. Now this came as women continue to struggle for equal rights in different spheres at home, work places and public places to find their place and space

s women continue to struggle for equal rights in different spheres, this year, awarded women who’ve had a tremendous impact in the development of our country. Though TGNP Director Lilian Liundi acknowledged the role women have played in this country’s development calling for their recignisation, a lot more could be done to ensure women enjoy equal rights. We can start from our homes and communities by supporting fellow women and rise beyond gender abuse.

There are several forms of gender abuses in our homes, workplaces, community and even public places. The button stops with us, we need to start standing up for ourselves. Any woman failing to support fellow woman is failing the nation and the world in achieving its gender objective.

We can be our sisters keepers, defend our sisters, give them constructive criticism, applaud them when they g o an extra mile. I know of women who don’t even greet fellow women who they perceive to be below them in rank.

You know what, they will one day rise and you would need their help. If you have a manual job to be done like laundry or tending to flower garden, give that job to a fellow woman just to uplift them and for their families. We can make small changes but touch the heart of many and positively impact many lives.

During the TGNP conference, some of the women who were recognised for their roles in contributing to development in the country are Vice President Samia Suluhu, Former Speaker of the National Assembly of Tanzania, Anne Makinda, Dr Ester Mwaikambo, Mama Getrude Mongella, first President of Pan African Parliament, Ester Bulaya Member of Parliament Bunda Urban constituent and the late Bi Kidude.