Sunday, August 13, 2017

The young actress taking on bullying

Six-years-old, Stefania Klosowski. Photo | File

Six-years-old, Stefania Klosowski. Photo | File 

By Young Citizen

Bullying can be a very stressful affair for children and according to statistics most children get bullied by their peers either at school or at home.

However there are some children who have over the years stood their ground against this bad behaviour.

At just six-years-old, Stefania Klosowski is a budding actress, model, and VIP personality, that is on a mission to not only conquer the entertainment industry, but to help put an end to bullying as well.

Represented by Modelogic Midwest, Stellar NYC, and Big Mouth Talent, Klosowski has appeared in print adverts for Kohls, Meijers, and has walked the runway for POSH Child Magazine during New York Fashion Week 2016.

Klosowski lights up a room and spreads joy wherever she goes; however, she is not a stranger to being bullied.

In an interview for the inaugural launch of Action Magazine, Klosowski and her mother Shannon recalls that when the petite rising star was in Kindergarten, girls in her class were making fun of her hair.

They called her ugly, and saying that her hair looked like wool, an unfortunate scenario that is far too common in today’s society.

Immediately Shannon gave Klosowski a mirror to vocalize the good things about the positively beautiful reflection that she saw.

And now, Klosowski is heading straight for the top, taking a stand against bullying as a part of her personal mission.

“People should be nice to people. It hurts people’s feelings when people are mean,” she told Action Magazine in her interview, “so I want the world to be nice so no one cries.”

To make sure that her wish comes true, in addition to her modeling and acting obligations, Klosowski is a brand representative for Take Action Apparel & Gear, a company that is geared towards helping children who are victims of bullying have a voice through fashion and fun.

In addition to all of her professional obligations, the Chicago born enjoys fashion design, art, singing, dancing, soccer, her dog, any and everything purple, and of course all-things Disney.

But most of all, during her free time she loves spending time with her family and friends.

So, what’s next for Klosowski? It seems that the sky is the limit and we will all just have to grab a front row seat to follow her journey on Instagram!

And just like Klosowski, you too can turn the negative things that other children say about you into something to help you stay focused.

But why do some children turn to bullying? The answer is simple: it solves their social problems. After all, it’s easier to bully somebody than to work things out, manage your emotions, and learn to solve problems.

Bullying is the proverbial “easy way out,” and sadly, some children take it. Bullying itself can come from a variety of sources and the first source is always the older brothers and sisters, extended family members or parents who use aggression or intimidation to get their way. Tiffany Silva