TPDC assures of gas project

Monday September 17 2018


By Alfred Zacharia @azacharia3

Dar es Salaam. The completion of a project that will directly connect city residents and factories to the natural gas pipeline will take longer than expected due to a delay in arrival of some imported construction materials.

The project to connect what is known as the “Mikocheni Pipeline” straight from natural gas sources at Mandimba and Songosongo was meant to be completed this month, but a Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) senior official told The Citizen last week that the project will now be completed in November this year (2018).

The acting manager for gas business at TPDC, Ms Dora Ernest, said the date for the completion of the project has been pushed back because some materials from China will arrive in country slightly late.

“The project is already at 60 per cent now, but the remaining percentage will be completed by November when the materials and some machines arrive,” she said.

The Sh4 billion project will connect about 1,000 households and two industries around Ubungo and Mikocheni with natural gas, according to minister for Energy, Dr Medard Kalemani.

Speaking in May, 2018, Dr Kalemani told people at Ubungo that residents of Ubungo Maziwa, University of Dar es Salaam, Sinza, Makongo Juu, Survey, Shekilango and Mikocheni will start benefitting from the project in the next two years.

However, Ms Ernest is confident that the project will be completed in November and two companies including Coca-Cola Kwanza and Bidco Oil and Soap Ltd as well as Mikocheni residents will be the first beneficiaries.

“The connection of the two industries will make the number of industries using natural gas reach 40,” she said.

This is just the first phase of the TPDC’s project to connect all Dar es Salaam households to the natural gas, which comes all the way from Lindi and Mtwara.

The second phase of the project just kicked off this week with a view to suppling gas to Kigamboni, Mbagala and Mkuranga.

The entire phase is projected to cost Sh11 billion out of the Sh1.2 trillion, which the government has set aside for the project.

TPDC records so far show that at least 72 households have already been successfully connected to the pipeline.