Livestock and fisheries are not the government’s priority, cries Nagu

Thursday May 17 2018

Hanang MP Dr Mary Nagu (CCM) addressing the

Hanang MP Dr Mary Nagu (CCM) addressing the parliament today. Photo | Edwin Mjwahuzi 

By Alawi Masare @AMasare

Dodoma. Hanang MP Dr Mary Nagu (CCM) said on Thursday that failure of government to release development budget for the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries is an indication that the subsectors are not the government’s priority. 

Dr Nagu who was contributing on the debate about the ministry's budget tabled earlier today said the government needs to treat the pastoralists and fishers as fellow Tanzanians. 

"This is very unfair to them and is neglecting the importance of animals to the economy," she said. 

She was also concerned by the operations carried out by the ministry which she said discriminated the pastoralist and fishermen. 

"I am not against these operations but they should be conducted in a manner that will not affect pastoralists and fishermen. By the way, these finances we use in operations could help in identifying and separate farming areas with grazing areas," she said.