Traders worried about low fish harvests

Wednesday June 13 2018


By The Citizen Reporter @TheCitizenTZ

Dar es Salaam. Ongoing environmental pollution has been identified as one of the major cause of shrinking fish harvests along Indian Ocean coast of Tanzania.

This has also caused low supply of fish in markets which has also pushed up consumer price, making it difficult for low income to consume sea food, rich in protein and vitamins.

Traders at the Ferry International Fish Market in Dar es Salaam have however advised the authorities to emphasize public awareness of the impact of pollution on the Indian Ocean Beaches, to rescue fish production.

One of the traders Mr Said Iddi who has been doing fish business at the market for long time said he has noticed the dramatic decrease of fish harvests from the Indian Ocean.

He made his opinions during the Iftar event among traders and food vendors at the market prepared by the Councilor of Kivukoni Ward in the Ilala District, Mr. Henry Massaba.

Councilor Massaba is also the Chairman of the Board of the Ferry International Fish Market.

“I would like to advise our government leaders to emphasize public awareness on the impact of environmental pollution especially on the beaches of the Indian Ocean to rescue fish production which continue to decline. As the living organism, fish also needs clean and safe environment to survive,” Mr Said Iddi said.

He thanked the government for curbing illegal fishing which helped to rescue fish production to decline, but he said environmental pollution along the beaches is too dangerous because moves the fish far away to search for fresh water.