ACT joins push for new Katiba

Monday January 8 2018

ACT-Wazalendo executive secretary of ideology

ACT-Wazalendo executive secretary of ideology and publicity, Addo Shaibu adress to journalist in Dar es Salaam yesterday.Right is special seat council at Kibondo in Kigoma.PHOTO/SAID KHAMIS 

By Raymond Kaminyoge @TheCitizenTz rkaminyoge@tz.nationamedia.

The Alliance for Change and Transparency (ACT-Wazalendo) will collaborate with other opposition political parties which are pushing for enactment of a new Union Constitution.

This was revealed by the party’s secretary for ideology, publicity and public communications, Mr Ado Shaibu, at a press conference held here yesterday.

The party joins the main opposition Chadema, which last week declared that its main agenda this year will be to push for a new constitution.

“Our main focus is to make sure that democratic principles are protected – and this will be through enacting a new constitution,” said Mr Shaibu.

According to the official, the ACT-Wazalendo national leader, Mr Zitto Kabwe, met the Chadema chairman, Mr Freeman Mbowe, and Chauma chairman, Mr Hashim Rungwe, at the end of last year and discussed how the political opposition could collectively lead the push for a new constitution.

“Although each party has its ideology and principles, there are some areas where we need to join forces – and that is why we have arrived at that decision,” Mr Kabwe told reporters in Dar es Salaam, when outlining his party’s priorities for year-2018.

In the event, Mr Kabwe also said that the party also intends to foster it relationship with workers by fighting for their rights.