Finca starts financial literacy campaign

Wednesday June 27 2018

Finca Microfinance Bank head of marketing and

Finca Microfinance Bank head of marketing and communication, Mr Nicholous John, 

By Alfred Zacharia @azacharia3

Dar es Salaam. Finca Microfinance Bank has launched an innovative campaign that will help provide business and financial literacy to micro-business owners.

According to the head of marketing and communication, Mr Nicholous John, the bank will provide capital and training to small entrepreneurs who will come up with best micro-business ideas.

“Our aim is to give business and financial education to business owners. The winner will then go home with Sh10 million as capital,” he told the press conference yesterday.

The three-month campaign dubbed Kuza Ofisi na Finca is open to entrepreneurs that have bank account and business ideas.

“They will have to deposit Sh20,000 into their accounts and fill the form at their nearby branches,” he added.

The winning entries will be picked based on their motivational idea, value proposition and potential business and market sector.

At least eight participants will be handpicked by a panel of judges to participate in a reality TV show, according to him.

At the end of the campaign, one winner will be chosen and assisted with a grand prize of Sh10 million while others will stand a chance of accessing loans from the bank.

The campaign is for residents of Kinondoni, Ilala, Temeke and Ubungo districts.