SPONSORED BY TOYOTA : The December rush...5 things that guarantee you will have an awesome road trip

Wednesday December 5 2018


Once again,it is that time of the year when no one can wait to wrap up work and spend some quality time with loved ones. Yay! The festive season is here and everyone is already in high spirits. 

You could spend your festive season partying till morning, binge watching your favorite series, chilling with friends, taking your family on vacation and all that, but if you’re looking to hit the road and enjoy our beautiful Tanzanian nature, then the tips below are a must read.

Plan ahead
Road trips are actually very fun and adventurous. You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn and enjoy nature at the same time but you need proper planning ahead of time lest you miss out on the great spots or get stranded half way. Plan a few months in advance the route, destination, company, activities along the way, fuel, road/motor license and Insurance, cash etc. This way you will have a smooth cruise with minimum setbacks.

Get your vehicle serviced
Bear in mind that it’s a road trip you are taking. Your car needs to be in perfect condition to take on the terrain. Get that oil change, make sure the breaks are working fine, vacuum the interior, check the water in the radiator, and make sure everything is in perfect shape. We all understand how challenging our roads are, so the better you prepare yourself, the more you’ll enjoy your trip PLUS you will not want to stop now just torepair your car and spoil the fun.

Mind the space
And not just a handful, but a whole lot of it. Road trips are mostly fun when you have company (family or friends), so you need a spacious car to fit everyone in and also surplus for putting luggage and extras… PLUS, along the way you might come across things to buy, therefore, more space means you won’t have to worry about where to put them.

Mingle with the locals
Local residents can make great tour guides (and cheap too) if you click with them. So, don’t pull up the windows when you come to a stop. Greet the locals and humor them and you will be amazed how much they can tell you about the place and also direct you to fun spots. Tanzanians are friendly and hospitable in nature,so a simple ‘hello’ and smile can achieve a great deal.


Make sure you are tanked
Well Yeah, because a road trip means you will have to spend a lot of time on the road. Make sure you are fully tanked when you start your trip and have some reserve. Also, keep on checking the meter and refill whenever you come across petrol stations. If that’s too much for you, you can always get yourself a fuel efficient car (recommended).

Now here’s a fun fact! With the Toyota Rush 2018 SUV, you and your people can have a great road trip this holiday season. With space for 7 seats arranged in 3 rows, good ground clearance of 22cm, a 1.5 litre fuel tank and 6 ARS airbags, the only thing missing is the memories you can make.

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