7 Tips To Help You Win Your Next Phone or Skype Interview I BrighterMonday

Tuesday March 13 2018


Online and phone interviews are becoming increasingly popular with employers. Not only is it cost-effective but also helps recruiters narrow their applicant's pool out of the many applications they receive. Just like any interview, phone and Skype interviews is where employers are trying to answer the question, "Is this person right for this company?” BrighterMonday head of recruiting, Gizzel Mbaga shared some important phone and Skype interview tips that can speak volumes about your personality and prove to the employer that you are the best person for the job.


Energy and Confidence

A good presentation is everything in interviews. Your tone and voice quality carry weight in phone and Skype interviews. What you say and how you say it is carefully scrutinized by the interviewer. Remember to speak loudly and clearly than you normally would. Explain yourself slowly and concisely, especially over skype where internet speeds may fluctuate. In addition, make sure there are no awkward poses, maintain a natural flow of conversation throughout the interview.


Keep It Professional

Do not mistake a phone or a Skype interview for an informal interview. Avoid nicknames for skype names or other inappropriate names. This is your employer's first impression of you so it is best to use your given name. Have a professional profile picture as well as it is part of the first impressions the interviewer has of you. For Skype calls that may end up as video, dress up professionally from head to toe as you would in a normal interview.


Get A Stable Connection

A stable connection is key for a great interview. Do a technical check prior to the real call. This is to ensure you have the best picture and sound quality with minimal hitches. Nothing is more frustrating than poor or unreliable connections over skype or phone. Test your Desktop or laptop microphone to ensure you sound audible enough. If you are going to connect external webcams or microphones, set them up in advance to facilitate a smooth skype call.


Take Note Of Your Surroundings

When the recruiter calls/emails you to schedule the call, give them a time when you are completely free of distractions. Consider finding a quiet space so you can focus on the call entirely. Avoid any distracting background noises. Recruiters may assume you are rude or do not care enough about the interview. Skype video calls require you to consider a well-lit background. Make sure your face is well lit up. Always look for light facing you and not your back to avoid a silhouette. Clutter should be avoided at all costs.


Keep It Engaging

Don’t shy away from keeping the conversation going with relevant and interesting answers to the recruiter’s questions. Avoid multitasking, close all other applications or notifications to give priority to the skype call. This will help you stay connected with your recruiter through the entire interview. Convey your enthusiasm and zeal for the opportunity in your interview. Don’t hesitate to showcase your solid ability to do the job. Avoid asking questions about salary benefits or vacation. Phone/Skype interviews are meant to gauge your personality and fit. The last thing a recruiter wants is to encounter someone monotonous. Treat your recruiter like your audience, and keep their interest levels at peak.


Know The Company

Take note of the company's culture, values, and products. It is vital to research the company with whom you are applying so you can convince them you are a good fit. Interviewees who have no clue on company information may sound like an awful fit for the company. It is easier to sell your skills when you are aware of more than a company's about page.


Maintain A Great Follow-up

Once the call is over. Reach out to the interviewer. Make sure the follow up isn’t intrusive like on social media or like LinkedIn. A good old fashion thank you email may suffice. Avoid following up on Skype, though, unless the interviewer requests it.

In a competitive job market where everyone has the necessary qualifications, set yourself apart using these tips. Apply for the job you desire at BrighterMonday.