Four airport projects delayed over funding

Thursday December 6 2018


By Hellen Nachilongo @musanachi60

Dar es Salaam. The upgrading of infrastructure in four regional airports will be delayed as the European Investment Bank (EIB) is yet to release funds.

The four airports are Bukoba, Kigoma, Shinyanga and Tabora .

EIB pledged to issue euro 50 million, but it was yet to release it, questioning the government’s assignment of the Tanzania National Roads Agency (Tanroads) to administer the funds rather than the Tanzania Airports Authority (TAA).

Works, Transport and Communications minister Isack Kamwelwe said the bank had been questioning the government’s decision to do so.

Speaking during the 12th annual joint transport sector review on Tuesday, Mr Kamwelwe said since he was appointed a few months ago, he was informed on the EIB funding, but the bank had remained silent on the matter.

He said he asked what happened, and was informed that EIB was questioning the administration of the project, which had changed from TAA to Tanroads.


“Basically, EIB questions the capacity of Tanroads to manage funds. I wonder why EIB is questioning the credibility of this reputable institution.” The minister believes that Tanroads is a reputable organisation.

Tanroads is responsible for the maintenance and development of the trunk and regional road network in Mainland Tanzania Classified Road Network, estimated to be 86,472km.

Tanroads manages the national road network of about 33,891km comprising 12,786km of trunk and 21,105km of regional roads. Its vision is to have sustainable, safe and environmentally friendly all weather trunk and regional road network to support development.