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Cry of foul play as Loliondo land row takes fresh twist

Monday November 13 2017

Ngorongoro Council chairman Mathew Siloma shows

Ngorongoro Council chairman Mathew Siloma shows one of the pillars set to divide village land from the Serengeti National Park in Loliondo. The community surrounding the park claims boundaries were set without consultation. PHOTO | MOSES MASHALLA 

By Moses Mashalla @TheCitizenTz

Dar es Salaam. People living around the Loliondo Game reserve are strongly opposing a new boundary set by the government to separate the village areas from the Serengeti National Park (Senapa).

The boundary, which demarcates Arusha and Mara regions was drawn early this year following directives from Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa.

Residents said the setting of the boundaries had sparked several problems, including rise in livestock confiscation by the park’s rangers.

“The government has been unfair for setting up the boundary without consulting us. This is unacceptable,” noted the Ngorongoro council chairman, Mr Mathew Siloma.

“The boundary was set early this year under the supervision of armed Senapa rangers, a move which triggered hatred towards them.”

Ngorongoro CCM special seat councillor Tina Timan said they were recognising the old boundary only, which was set in 1950 at hills heading to Loili Lobo hills.

Ms Timan said the new boundary was aimed at confiscating the village’s lands by the Senapa before handing them to investors for tourism related activities.

Kirtalo village chairman Yohana Toroge called on the intervention of the minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Dk Hamis Kingwangalla. Ololosokwan councillor Yannick Ndoinyo said they have already written to the government over their dissatisfaction.

Reacting to the matter in question, Senapa chief conservationist William Mwakilema said the boundary was set by the government in accordance with the legal procedures.

“People should stop lamenting. Bacons are within the park…so in case of any dissatisfaction, they should go to the court where justice will be served,” noted Mr Mwakilema.