UK govt. warns visitors to Tanzania of “possible” Union Day protests

Tuesday April 24 2018

If you’re a British National and planning to be in Tanzania this week, you need to be hyper-vigilant to ensure you’re not ensnared in “political demonstrations” on April 26.

In a travel advisory issued earlier today, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office warns travelers that although typical trips to Tanzania are “trouble-free”, Union Day visitors should be more circumspect because if there are demonstrations, there could be "fatalities."

The advisory was issued following recent calls for nation-wide anti-government rallies by US-based Tanzanian social media activist, Mange Kimambi.

She claims the protests are against a diminution of political freedoms and human rights abuses. 

The government has countered these claims - and made it very clear that these rallies would be illegal.

President John Magufuli has repeatedly said security officials will crack down on those who choose to take part in unsanctioned demonstrations. 


Based on prior experiences, warns the British Foreign Office, Tanzanian police may use tear gas and/or live ammunition to suppress any illegal protests.

"Be aware of your surroundings and avoid large crowds or public demonstrations," reads the Foreign Office brief.

Around 75,000 Britons visit Tanzania each year, according to the FCO. 

See the FCO Advisory here.