Fight against lifestyle diseases hailed

Wednesday January 3 2018


By John Namkwahe @johnteck3

Dar es Salaam. Tanzania has been awarded for its efforts in preventing noncommunicable diseases (NCDs).

The Tanzania Non-Communicable Disease Alliance (TANCDA) was on December 9 given an accolade for preventing the illnesses.


TANCDA chairman Tatizo Waane told a news conference at Ocean Road Cancer Institute here on January 3 that the award was given during a global conference on NCDs in the UAE.

It was issued by the Global Noncommunicable Diseases Alliance and UAE.

"It is an honour for the alliance and the nation in general to receive the accolade. We are dedicated to continue enhancing interventions to curb NCDs," Dr Waane said.

The Ministry of Health’s assistant director in the NCDs Department, Dr Sarah Maongezi, commended the alliance for its contribution to curb NCDs. "The government will set aside sufficient funds to complement private health stakeholders to enhance NCDs prevention. I call upon others stakeholders to support the government to achieve the goals."

Meanwhile, Tanzania Diabetes Association chairman Andrew Swai, who is also the TANCDA vice chair, spoke of the country’s high NCDs prevalence.

Dr Swai proposed that the government and health stakeholders enhance public awareness on NCDs.

He further said that he was optimistic that the award would motivate the health stakeholders in the county to enhance interventions to curb NCDs.

"NCDs like cancer diseases, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are still on rise in the county. More efforts and investment is required to curb the diseases," he said.

He further revealed that the World Diabetes Foundation had previously donated at least $2 million to Tanzania Diabetes Association for diabetes Control, calling upon other donors to complement government's commitment to mitigate NCDs.