Jubilee, Aga Khan launch joint healthcare insurance product

Friday September 07 2018
Jubilee pic

Dar es Salaam. Jubilee Insurance Company of Tanzania and the Aga Khan Health Services, Tanzania have jointly successfully launched an insurance product ‘JilindeAfya’,a scheme that aims at offering a comprehensive preventative and curative healthcare solution.

Through the project both in-patient and out-patient will be covered.

‘JilindeAfya’ product aims to increase access to quality healthcare services to all individuals in Tanzania.

The product is for people, who desire to access health care facilities at the Aga Khan Hospital network in Tanzania.

“This being an insurance product, it covers these customers against medical exigencies which may arise during the policy period,” reads part of the statement released on Thursday.

MrDipankar Acharya, who is the CEO of Jubilee Insurance Company of Tanzania, mentioned that this product has several benefits – for example the number of out-patient visits are specified, but there is no cap on the amount to be expended per visit.


The in-patient benefit limits under this policy varies from Sh5 million to Sh50 million for the three different plans of this policy, for a premium payment varying from Sh600,000 to Sh2 million.

Some of the other benefits of this product are that there is also a provision for free executive health check-up and discounts for gym memberships.

There will be a dedicated desk to service customers seamlessly and smoothly when they visit the hospital.