Lesbianism lands four people in Mwanza court

Saturday December 09 2017
Lesbianism pic

Mwanza. Two women were on Friday charged with the offence of lesbianism before the Mwanza Resident Magistrates’ Court.

They are Ms Milembe Selemani, 35, a resident of Geita Region and Ms Janeth Shonza, 25, a resident of Nyasaka in Mwanza and a student at St Augustine University of Tanzania (Saut).

Before senior resident magistrate Gway Sumaye, state attorney Emmanuel Luvinga alleged that the accused committed the offence on August 31, this year.

He told the court that they committed the offence contrary to section 138(a) of the Penal Code (Cap 16 R.E 2002).

He further noted that the two accused were allegedly kissing each other.

He said they were arraigned before the court with other two accused, Mr Richard Fabian, 28, a resident of Buzuruga for allegedly posting video clips on social media showing one of the accused fitting the other with an engagement ring on the finger.


He also alleged that another accused Annet Mkuki 24, a resident of Nyasaka in the city, was also arraigned before the court for allegedly being the master of ceremony at the event involving the accused, when fitting one another with engagement rings at one of Mwanza hotels.

Mr Luvinga told the court that Mr Richard committed the offence contrary to section 20(1)(a) of the Cybercrimes Act, 2015.

Defence counsel Jebra Kambole pleaded with the court to release the accused on bail. But the magistrate told the court he could not immediately provide bail requirements because the case was being presided at by senior resident magistrate in-charge Wilbert Chuma.

“The file of their case, which is No 548, is heard by senior magistrate,” he said. The case was adjourned until  December 13. Earlier, Ms Milembe was arrested by the police in Geita.

Mwanza regional police commander Ahmed Msangi told reporters yesterday that police arrested other women suspects in Singida Region.

He noted that investigation was still going on and the police were hunting for more suspects in connection with the offence.

He said incidents of homosexuality were increasing and must be condemned by all. He urged residents to provide the police with relevant information on those engaging in homosexual acts.

Meanwhile, the vice councillor of Saut, Dr Thadeus Mkamwa said Saut students should avoid engaging themselves in immorality, including homosexuality because it was contrary to law.