Locusts, rats destroy crops in Morogoro

Tuesday January 23 2018


By Hamida Shariff @TheCitizenTZ

Morogoro. Locusts and rats are destroying rice, maize and other crops in Morogoro, threatening to create food insecurity in the area.


The pests have created havoc in Mvuha, Kisaki, Duthumi, Kongwa and Kilengesi areas in Morogoro district.


Farmers started reporting about locusts and rats in their farms last week.


“With rains starting on time this season, I had all hopes that this year, the yields would be good but that is not to be since locusts and rats have destroyed the entire ten acres of my farm,” said Mr Emmanuel Mbena, noting that he has spent a lot of money on pesticides but so far, it has been to no avail.

Another farmer, Mr Lenada Damiani, asked the government to come in and save his maize farm from destruction by rats.


The director for Morogoro District Council, Mr Sudi Mpili said the government is aware of the presence of pests in the areas and that the information has henceforth been communicated to the relevant ministry for further action.


“After receiving the information, we sent an agricultural officer to the affected villages. We sent him so he could collect actual data and thus help us to make an analysis of the damage magnitude of the problem,” he said.