MP pushes for dual citizenship to draw more investments

Thursday June 01 2017
dual citizenship pic

Dodoma. Konde Member of Parliament Khatib Haji (CUF) has reiterated the call for the government to amend the Tanzania Citizenship Act, 1995 to permit dual citizenship in order to attract Tanzanians living abroad to come and invest home.

Mr Haji made the call in the Parliament yesterday as he was asking a supplementary question.

“Most countries that have so far permitted dual citizenship are benefiting by allowing their citizens to invest in their home countries. Why can’t our government take a leaf?” he asked.

Responding, the deputy minister of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation, Dr Susan Kolimba, ruled out any possibility for the country to permit dual citizenship. Ms Kolimba told the National Assembly that the issue of dual citizenship in Tanzania was contentious as it had been debated at different past platforms with yet to fetch any consensus.

“This matter also took a centre stage during a new constitution-writing process, but after being debated in the Constituent Assembly it was decided that it was not a proper time for Tanzania to permit dual citizenship,” she told the Parliament.

Dr Kolimba, however, noted that the ministry, through its Diaspora department and cooperation with diverse foreign embassies would continue sensitising and attracting Tanzanians in the Diaspora with special skills and capital to invest home, especially in various sectors of the economy.