Millya re-election races starts today

Friday November 2 2018


By Joseph Lyimo @TheCitizenTZ

Simanjiro. Former Simanjiro Member of Parliament in Manyara Region, Mr James Ole Millya, has on Friday, November 02 collected nomination forms for the seat through CCM.

Simanjiro district executive director Yefred Myenzi said the candidates who will participate in the by-election in the Serengeti and Simanjiro seats and 21 wards slated for December 2 would endorsed tomorrow.

However, today Mr Millya who served as constituency MP on Chadema ticket since 2015 and resigned from his former party on October 7, 2018 collected nomination forms today.

“But he is the only candidate who has done so,” said Mr Myenzi.

On the day he resigned, Mr Millya like, other opposition legislators and councilors before him who defected to CCM, said his decision aimed at supporting President John Magufuli’s administration.

Mr Millya succeeded Christopher Ole Sendeka, who is currently serving as the Njombe regional commissioner.

Meanwhile, Babati district’s returning officer Fortunatus Fwema said three candidates from CCM, CUF and NRA have collected nomination forms in the district.

He named them as the CCM candidate Pauline Gekul, Feruzi Juma of NRA and Abubakari Peter of the second main opposition party, CUF.

Ms Gekuli who was in 2015 elected the constituency’s lawmaker on the Chadema ticket resigned from her position on October 13, this year for what she referred as lack of cooperation from other party leaders.