Mpango outlines Magufuli’s achievements

Thursday June 14 2018


By Gadiosa Lamtey @gadiosa2

Dar es Salaam. Finance and Planning Minister, Dr Philip Mpango, has highlighted ten achievements by President John Magufuli since he took office in 2015.

Dr Mpango mentioned the achievements on Thursday, June 14, when tabling the budget for 2018/19 financial year in Dodoma.

Among the achievement, he named the construction of Mirerani wall, which intends to protect Tanzanite,saying it cost the government Sh2.2 billion.

Others are free education in which the government spent Sh20 billion, importing new airplanes, increasing royalties in minerals and introduced a special court to combat grand corruption.

Also in the list is the construction of Stigler Gorge power-generation project, which is expected to produce 2100MW, and increasing tax collection, to mention a few.