Tanzania: New Mwanza archbishop says homosexuality is new colonialism

Sunday May 12 2019

Mwanza. The newly consecrated archbishop of Mwanza Renatus Nkwande has called upon Tanzanians to reject witchcraft, homosexuality and abortion.

Speaking after he was ordained the new bishop of Mwanza archdiocese on May 12 at the Kawekamo grounds in Mwanza city Nkwande said the three vices were gross sinning against God.

“I am always saddened when I see people blaming witchcraft on the smallest of ailments that they get. This is ignorance and lack of faith in God,” archbishop Nkwande noted.

Issues of homosexuality and abortion are caused by the habit of adopting the cultural practices of others.   

“We (Africans) are fond of imitating others. They have popularized homosexuality and abortion, and some of us have imitated. I am aware there are some NGOs in the country that dish out medical equipment for abortion,” archbishop Nkwande noted.

He added; “When our forefathers became tired of colonialism they fought against it. It is time we did the same, fighting against these vices.”


Before being appointed the archbishop of Mwanza by Pople Francis, Nkwande was the bishop of Bunda Diocese. In Mwanza Nkwande is replacing Archbishop Jude ThadaeusRuwa'ichi was appointed Coadjutor Archbishop of Dar es Salaam on June 21, 2018.