Over 27,000 to sit Form Four national examinations in Mwanza

Sunday November 4 2018


By Jonathan Musa @jonathanink jmusa@tz.nationemdia.com

Mwanza. At total of 27,405 candidates are expected to sit their Form Four national examinations on Monday, November 5, 2018 in Mwanza Region.

In an interview with The Citizen on Sunday, regional education officer, Michael Ligola said the number of candidates registered for the national exams climbed by a thousand compared to last year.

He disclosed that in the whole region with a total of 277 secondary schools, there was no case of irregularity that could lead to either dismal or cancellation of examinations.

“We have 200 public and 77 private secondary schools in Mwanza Region. Among them all candidates who managed to register for the Form Four exams will do them,” said Ligola.

He disclosed that there were 43,056 candidates who were set to sit the Form Two national examinations on November 12, 2018.

Andrew Thomas, a student at Mwanza Secondary School, said he was well prepared and ready to face the paper.


“We have been revising mainly for the exams, so it will not be a surprise for me to pass with flying colours,” said Thomas.

According to Alliance schools’ managing director James Bwire, his teachers have prepared their students well. He said since this was life, he was sure all students knew what they had gone to school for.

“Our students are in a good position to tackle the exams. I am sure we will do better than the last time due to our ample preparations,” said Mr Bwire.