Men who impregnated school girls run away

Thursday January 4 2018

District Commissioner Mr Sebastian Waryuba

District Commissioner Mr Sebastian Waryuba 

By Mary Sanyiwa @TheCitizenTz

Tandahimba. Only one person has been arrested since District Commissioner Mr Sebastian Waryuba ordered arrest of school girls who were impregnated along with their parents and those, who impregnated them.

According to the DC,they have failed to net many culprits because many girls and those who impregnated them have fled the district.

Speaking to The Citizen in phone interview on January 3, Mr Waryuba said that the police in collaborations with their colleagues in other districts and regions are continuing to hunt the girls and those, who impregnated them.

“It is true we are continuing with the exercise although we are encountering a number of challenges, which include the fact that since I issued the directive many parents and their girls escaped,” said Mr Waryuba.

He added: “Please be patient we will let you know when we arrest all the culprits.”

Child pregnancies in Tandahimba have been on the rise of recently. In 2015 20 cases were reported while in 2017 27 cases were reported.



Speaking during a district consultative committee meeting here on Monday December 26, Mr Waryuba said the school children, together with their parents should be detained pending investigations.

His directive is part of efforts to end pregnancies among students in the district.

He said it was intolerable that 55 school girls should be expelled from school because of pregnancy.

Gender and Human Rights activists decried the directive. They argued that the authorities should arrest the culprits rather than the victims.