RC directs schoolgirls found pregnant to be taken to court

Monday December 11 2017
pic pregnant

Mwanza. The regional commissioner of Mwanza, Mr John Mongella, has directed all directors and district commissioners to ensure all schoolgirls found pregnant to be taken to court.

Speaking during a meeting attended by regional education stakeholders on Monday, December 11, the RC said the schoolgirls found pregnant should be arrested and taken to court.

He noted that the move would prevent schoolgirls from involving themselves in love affairs and also enable them to report to the responsible authorities and testify in court against the culprits.

“There have been a tendency of pregnant schoolgirls not to mention the name of a person, who impregnated them. This is a challenge, when one is required to testify in court,” Mr Mongella.

The RC’s directive comes as the region underperforms in the national examinations since 2015.

According to Mwanza educational officer Michael Lugola, Mwanza Region ranked 3rd at national level in 2015, but dropped to 8th position in the recently announced Primary School Leaving Examination results.


However, in 2016, the region ranked 6th among 26 regions of Mainland Tanzania.

Meanwhile, Ukerewe District, which ranked 3rd in 2015, dropped to record 131st in 2016 and 135th, this year.

Mr Lugola also said 33 pupils in the region dropped out of school due to teenage pregnancy this year, while Ukerewe District led with nine cases, Magu District (8) and Kwimba and Buchosa, four cases each, while Misungwi, Ilemela, Nyamagana and Sengerema, two cases each.