TRA insists on tax education in curriculum

Wednesday November 21 2018

Dar es Salaam. Plans are afoot for the Tanzanian Revenue Authority (TRA) to introduce tax education in the primary school curriculum to enable pupils start learning about the importance of tax.

Speaking on tax training for small and medium-sized businesses in Dar es Salaam yesterday, TRA taxpayers education head Rose Mahendeka said the process will be completed soon.

Ms Mahendeka said there was a challenge of some businessmen lacking knowledge on importance paying tax and keeping income records of their business.

“Many businessmen know too little about tax, but we are at an advanced stage of including tax education in the primary school curriculum so that the pupils start understanding tax and its importance from tender ages,” she said.

“People have to understand that tax is the main source of government revenue, so without tax, it will be difficult for the government to provide social services,” TRA tax adviser Peter Francis.

The SMEs training was organised by The Tanzanian Associates in collaboration with the Abel and Fernandes Communications. It was aimed at educating the community on tax issues.